Michael Bay Would Love The New Battlefield Hardline Trailer

Splosions! Guns! Shouty police boss types who don’t like your methods! More splosions! Bikes! Fast cars, so fast they need pointy infographic signs so you know they are fast! Even more splosions! Sarcastic female buddy cops! Rawk music! Big scores! Raids! Grenades in slow motion! Zipwires which were done in CoD: Advanced Warfare! Even more SPLOSIONS!!!!


(Look, it’s the end of the year, I’ve run out of sensible words to write about trailers for games we’ve seen loads of times before and which are not out for another three months, OK? Normal service will be resumed in 2015)

Source: YouTube



  1. no no no no no no!
    how they can call this battlefield is beyond my comprehension!

  2. They just don’t have the courage to Launch a new franchise…..

  3. “Zipwires which were done in CoD: Advanced Warfare”… You may have run out of sensible words, but, I’m not quite sure why CoD is relevant or even needs mentioned in this, considering that ziplining was done way back on Battlefield 2 Special Forces :s

    • Because it is the most recent of a very long line of games to use zipwires.

  4. I just noticed Battlefield 4 is NOT on Steam. Why is this ?

    • Its EA – it’s on their service, Origin.

      • I had no idea about this. It’s not just Battlefield I noticed. It’s also all Blizzard games. And Destiny.
        I noticed a lot of people are still playing Battlefield 4 and I just wanted to see how expensive it is on Steam….shock followed :)

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