The Future Of Far Cry Could Include Dinosaurs, Vietnam Or More Blood Dragon

Ubisoft is no stranger to getting the gaming public’s opinion on potential ideas for its games, having sent out questionnaires that eventually led to games like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. Now it looks like the publisher has quite a few directions it wants to get views on for the next Far Cry. Almost every option available sounds brilliant in its own right. The questionnaire of options was sent to Eurogamer by readers who were asked to partake in the polling.

The options include:

  1. Far Cry in Alaska where you try to  survive in harsh conditions.
  2. Futuristic sci-fi Far Cry on another planet.
  3. Vietnam War setting.
  4. Peru setting revolving around drug smuggling.
  5. Far Cry with vampires which you can either fight or join.
  6. Spaghetti Western in 19th Century America.
  7. Zombies.
  8. Blood Dragon 2.
  9. Mad Max style post apocalyptic world.
  10. Jurassic Park inspired Far Cry.
  11. Far Cry 4’s Shangri La setting expanded upon.

Out of the lot I think the Mad Max inspired one may be the least likely, considering Avalanche Studios is making an actual open world Mad Max game. I personally hope zombies disappear from gaming for a while so I say no to that idea. The others though all have some potential, allowing Ubisoft to make the series slightly more grounded, or to dive right off into the deep end.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Set it in Eastern Europe with castles and vampires and shit

  2. Blood Dragon 2 or Dinosaurs. There are no good Dinosaur games.

  3. Two and ten sound fantastic.

  4. Following on from the other Far Cry story, shouldn’t there be an extra option?

    12. Playable on Xbox

  5. Please for the love of God can we knock it off with all the Zombie and Vampire themes!

    • The complaint about zombies I get, but Vampires?? I can’t think of anything right this moment that has anything along those lines that has been released recently?

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