Sony Announces 18.5 Million PS4s Sold Since Launch

Sony Japan has just released a press statement saying that the PS4 has now surpassed 18.5 million consoles sold worldwide, with the 2014 holiday season alone seeing 4.1 million consoles being picked up. This means the PS4 is seeing the fastest growth rate for any PlayStation console. Along with the sales figures for hardware Sony also announced that there are now 10.9 million subscribers to the Plus service. That figure includes PS3, PS4 and Vita, so does not necessarily mean approximately 60% of PS4 owners are Plus members.

18.5 million is a big number to start the new year with, and the rate will likely remain high as more people turn to the new generation of consoles. The exclusive games like The Order 1886, Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne may see help boost numbers. Bundle deals will probably be available for each of those listed games too. These large numbers are good for the industry as a whole, and it’d be good to see how the Xbox One is faring too. If Microsoft post some high numbers too then competition between it and Sony will see both companies push to hold the lead.

Source: Sony Japan/ English translation



  1. Back to the gold old days of the PS2 for Sony, just a shame the rest of the company isn’t fairing too well.

  2. I wonder if that 10 million plus subscribers includes 4 million free trials from the ps4s sold over Christmas? It probably does, in which case it’s quite a low number considering its now mandatory for online play.

    • I have yet to play a game on ps4 where I feel it is worth paying a subscription for online. If it wasn’t for the games on ps4 plus on the vita I would cancel my subscription.

      • Yeah but the biggest sellers, call of duty and fifa, both require it for their main game modes, the online components.

    • And yet they keep pushing online gaming / always online bs when the majority of gamers couldn’t care less (going by these figures).

    • Would they really call people on a trial as “subscribers”?

      • I’m guessing they’d use the term ‘sign ups’ as opposed to ‘subscribers’ if this was the case.

    • Even if it does include the trials from Christmas, i’m assuming the majority will pay for the year subscription once it ends. As you said its required for online play now so seems likely.

  3. Those figures are great. And so many good games coming out next year which should push sales further. Hopefully this will now mean we start to let go of last gen and make games soley for the PS4/XB1. Not this half gen business we’ve been getting.

    • I think this year will see the phase-out of cross-generational titles. We’re already seeing the benefits of developing for the newer hardware when devs decide to cut the umbilical to the older box of tricks.

  4. With all that money they are earning from plus subs you would hope they would now finally look at improving the PSN as promised at the PS4 reveal.

  5. Crazy sales. Imagine what they’ll be like when it gets a good amount of top exclusives!

    • What pleases me most is the strong sales from Microsoft and the stunning sales from Sony. When I think about those articles (that were so misguided) about how home consoles were dead/dying/etc. *rolls eyes* Utter unfounded dross.

      • Indeed. I still remember a piece on bbc news just before the PS4 launched saying how people were happy with angry birds on their ipads etc and console gaming wasn’t in demand anymore. As someone who hates that kind of gaming I’m glad they were wrong.

      • Pretty sure I remember seeing something along those lines too, might have been the same BBC article. It was almost like they were telling me my next step up from the PS3 was to buy an iPhone 5 with Flappy Bird (or whatever it was called).

  6. Impressive that they’ve sold that many. More impressive that they did it without any price cuts or throwing money around to try and sell more over christmas. (Amazon’s “cyber monday” week sponsored by XBone was a clever attempt by MS. Pay Amazon money to get cheap XBone deals and not have any PS4 offers?)

    If they keep that rate up, they’ll beat the PS2 lifetime sales by 1/3. (That did 155m in 12 years?)

    But sales after the first year will quite probably be even higher. Not sure they’ll keep it up after a few years though. It could top the PS3 lifetime sales in 3 years time and then kind of collapse afterwards. Especially if they rush to release the PS5 too early.

    Not so great for MS which can’t have managed even half those sales. Or Nintendo, who are presumably hoping they can release something in 4 or 5 years time when people are already looking to the next generation. (No, the Wii U belongs in the PS3/360 generation)

    • I predict MS will announce that they have ‘shipped’ 15 million XB1’s but in 20 years someone will discover a mass-XB1-grave in the desert, like those Atari ET games they found a while back haha.

      To be fair, the XB1 really isn’t that bad. Sure, I’ve had issues with it and I prefer the PS4 overall, but I’m glad I’ve got both for the exclusives. Sunset Overdrive is brilliant.

      I think most of the issues surrounding the Xbox One have really been down to Microsoft themselves rather than the console not being up to scratch.

  7. I know the IGN comments section can get a bit cesspool-like but some of the animated GIFs (on articles like this) are wonderful nonsense. :-)

    Like this.

    • There’s plenty more where that came from… Let’s enjoy them one more time before XB1 catches up.. :)

    • Speaking of IGN I can’t believe Greg and Colin left. I feel bad for all the Beyond podcast listeners. They probably decided this is best for them, I’d have rather seen them continue with IGN.

  8. Yet there’s no decent game on either the Xbone or PS4. My PS4 hasn’t had a game played in months now.

    • If you can’t find a single decent game on either then I’d suggest a new hobby.

  9. Get in!

  10. Did you see Sony just released a £950 mp3 player?! Absolute fucking morons, lol!

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