Alien Isolation’s Safe Haven Salvage Mode Needs To Be Done Without Dying

SEGA has released details on the third DLC pack for Alien Isolation which is out now on most platforms, except PS3 and PS4 in Europe where it will go live once the store updates. In Safe Haven players can contend with the Salvage Mode in which you play as Hughes, Sevastopol’s Station’s Communications Manager. He is trapped in a room and must complete ten tasks to have a chance at surviving. The only thing is waves of different enemies will come for Hughes, and you only have one life with which to survive them. It’ll add a whole lot of tension as each task is encountered.


As you complete each task though you will earn points with enough of them allowing you to save progress. Safe Haven also introduces Marathon Mode and that allows players to play the Survivor Mode maps in any order they please.

Source: Press Release/Youtube