Start Thinking Of A New In-Game Minecraft Name Because You’re About To Be Able To Change It

Hey, you there, let’s talk about Minecraft. You’ve played Minecraft, right? If you said no, you’re probably lying, as we have statistics that show 103% of the world’s population have played Minecraft at some point or another. So you’ve definitely played it.

Anyway, if you’ve ever thought back to when you first created your Minecraft account and wished your original name was something a little classier than ‘RollinDemBluntz420’ (or whatever you thought was cool at age 15), then you’re in luck. Starting on February 4th, you’re going to be able to change your in-game name to something else. The name still has to be unique but a batch of unused names are to be made available around the same time.


The best part? The change is completely free, and can be done as often as once per month via the Mojang account page.

Now, since that’s out of the way, let’s all head the comments and talk about the dumbest usernames we’ve ever seen or used ourselves.

Source: Mojang via Polygon



  1. A couple of the very first usernames I created when I was 15 or 16 were ‘Terminal Echo’ and ‘Raging Clover’. I have absolutely no idea what they were supposed to mean but they sure sounded cool to adolescent Matt.

    Now I wish I would’ve thought of ‘Gypsy Danger’ before whoever wrote Pacific Rim because that’s pretty much the coolest name ever.

    • Raging Clover has me in stitches.

  2. In all honesty, I can genuinely say I have never played it. Watching others play it has so far left me completely uninterested. However, part of that 130% is covered by my grandson, playing it on one of my PCs, one of my laptops, his PC, his Vita, his PS3, and now his PS4. Guess that more than makes up for me not playing it!

    • I’ve never played it.

      On another note… MuggleMind, are you and Lyts1985 twins? Judging by your avatar and his avatar below, you look very similar. ;)

  3. I’ve never played it either, never seen the appeal!

    As for names… A couple of my early ones were ILiveOnMars and BornFromEvil… *shudder*.

    I was prompted to find something more mature by PayPal actually. BornFromEvil was used in my email address see, and probably around 9 or 10 years ago PayPal were running a competition where anyone who used their account to buy something off ebay during December could win £1000. I didn’t even know about this competition… Until I received a phone call in work one day telling me I’d won! I was sceptical so the guy offered to read back my email address and DOB, but he was unable to get further than my email address as he found it bloody hilarious :-S couple of days later £1000 was transferred to my PayPal account, but being laughed at for my email address was pretty embarrassing!

    I’ve been Lyts1985 ever since. Simply my full name with no vowels followed by my birth year. No embarrassment there at all!

    • Love the PayPal story! What a result!!

      I had no interest in Minecraft, but after learning it for the purposes of be able to assist my son play it, I eventually got hooked and I actually really like it. There’s something fun about creating/building stuff, and the exploration/mining is pretty complicated at times too. Worth a go for £12!

      • Haha yeah, cheers mate, the only thing I’ve ever won bar a Superman VHS!

        I’ve been thinking about dropping a few quid on it just to see what all the fuss is about but from what I’ve seen on YouTube etc, I just don’t get it :-S

      • I’ve seen some videos on YouTube but they didn’t really interest me, as it was just create mode which doesn’t really appeal.

        On Vita or PS4 the platinum is pretty easily obtainable, and actually helped me to explore and do things I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise, so it was quite fun to work through those, and just build shelters at various useful mining locations around the map for protection from the enemies that come at night. I will most likely get the PS4 version as it’s definitely something I would return to again, and also play through with my son co-op when he’s a bit older.

  4. Just wish I was 15 when the game came out. I’m getting too old for this shhhhhh.

  5. Kennykazey is a pretty dreadful name. Makes me cringe, but damn it’s hard to think of something new.

    I wish Playstation would let us change our usernames.

  6. As far as I recall, my first game alias was BreakItDown… That was pretty bad. I’m still reminded to this day (thanks to Steam) of my next awful alias, buddude_24_7… When I was 14/15 and I don’t even drink beer!

    Recently I’ve been questioning my current alias, but I literally use it for everything to do with games and cba creating a bunch of new accounts.

  7. my first mc name was lightningman5678 and i made it when it was ten :p what should i change it to??

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