More Details For Battlefield Hardline’s Open Beta Released, Though No Date

New details for the upcoming open beta of Battlefield Hardline have been announced, though Visceral and EA are keeping quiet about the day it will actually go live. What we do know is that this open beta will be across all platforms the game is releasing on, those being PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS3. There will be two maps and two modes accessible through the beta, with players being able to get into gun battles Downtown, or in the Dust Bowl.

The two modes players will have access to are the regular Conquest, which will support up to 64 players per match though whether that is restricted to the new gen and PC, or whether last gen will get that too wasn’t made clear. You also have access to a new mode called Hotwire, and this focuses on vehicles which apparently combines warfare with speed. The mode is apparently what will really show off the new direction that Battlefield is taking.


There won’t be a cap on levels so you can unlock as much gear as possible across all the classes available. It’s also been stated in the blog that as many players as possible are needed, and this is to make sure that when the game launches in March the servers can handle it. A forum is also available to give feedback on Hardline, and that is located here. There will be additional updates about the game in general every Wednesday so we should get the beta date next week, hopefully.




  1. I know not many people like the direction this game is taking the series, but when I played the alpha I actually really enjoyed it, and that should be all that matters.
    I hope the theme continues where there is more emphasis on cash rather than K/D ratios.

    • I enjoyed it too, nice and fresh original theme backed up by solid bf4 tech.

      This game isn’t taking the battlefield series in any direction at all, because it isn’t even a part of it. It’s even a different developer. If people don’t like it, there will still be a battlefield 5 (2016 I think?).

      Now after saying all that, I’m happy to see 64 player conquest feature, should be crazy because the maps won’t be huge like some of bf4’s ;lots of chokepoints and killzones… That you can flank!

  2. Im not sure i want to partake in another year long beta of a retail game. Im going to hold out and mabye rent it for the SP. BF4 will do me for a couple more years yet, even if they have ruined it with Private servers.

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