Seasons After Fall Expected To Release On PC & Consoles In 2016

Focus Home Interactive has announced it will be taking on publishing duties for Swing Swing Submarine’s platformer, Seasons After Fall. The game is confirmed for PC and it will be coming as a downloadable title to consoles too, though exactly which platforms are yet to be finalised. Seasons After Fall has you take control of a fox who is searching for the spirits of the four seasons of the year, as they all seem to have gone missing.


This fox also finds itself with the power to summon the different seasons to aid it when exploring the forest, and when interacting with its inhabitants. I do like the look of this game and the premise it has set, but we’re in for quite the wait as Seasons After Fall won’t be out until 2016. A bit crazy that we’re only two weeks into 2015 and we’re already talking about next year’s games line up, isn’t it?

Source: Press Release/Youtube