Total War: Warhammer Leaked Prior To Official Announcement

SEGA and Total War developer, Creative Assembly, have been sat on Games Workshop’s Warhammer license for quite some time now, having acquired the rights back in 2012. Although all the signs have clearly been pointing towards the development of a Total War style game set in the Warhammer fantasy universe, we’ve been yet to hear an official name for the project let alone any juicy details.

Hopefully today’s leak suggests that we’re not that far off an official full-blown reveal. The leak came from a new Total War art book which is set to release at the end of this month. One fan posted the following image on a Total War online discussion board:



Aside from this latest update, details on the upcoming title are still sparse. We do know, however, that development duties lie with a new studio within Creative Assembly, meaning that work on the project won’t interfere with other historic-based Total War games.

Source: Kotaku