Get £200 of Warhammer games free in latest White Dwarf magazine

Games Workshop, the creators of Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000, have announced they will be giving away 12 video games with the latest issue of their wargaming magazine, White Dwarf.


Those who purchase issue 462 of White Dwarf will get their hands on a dozen Steam codes used to unlock a diverse spread of games set within the Warhammer universe including a couple of our favourites, Dawn of War, Vermintide 2, and Total War: Warhammer. In total, the games add up to more than £200 in value (full price on Steam).

An ideal freebie for those Warhammer fans waiting out this last stretch of lockdown, the 12 games include:

White Dwarf 462 is being sold at the regular price of £5.99. The monthly magazine has long been a hobbyist institution for many years, adorning the shelves of British nerd since 1977. Each issue is brimming with detailed information on new and upcoming Games Workshop releases, while also packing in dense Warhammer lore entries, guides, battle reports, and more.

Games Workshop are no doubt hoping the promotion will bring new fans into their realm of tabletop gaming with stores and clubs due to reopen in the coming months.

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The free games will at least whet appetites for the next wave of Warhammer games to come. From Sega and Creative Assembly, we have Total War: Warhammer III which will bring the trilogy to a close as the Daemons of Chaos descend upon The Old World.

Meanwhile, 40K fans can get their fix with Warhammer 40,000: Darktide coming later this year. From the creators of Vermintide, this frenzied co-op shooter is a action-packed diversion from the mass of Warhammer strategy games we tend to see on a regular basis.

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