Destiny Crota’s End Hard Mode Coming Next Wednesday

Oh sure, Bungie would have you believe that the release of the Crota’s End hard difficulty level next Wednesday is big news, but I’m here to tell you that the vast majority of Destiny players have something much, much more important to do before we get there. Xur is back and he’s selling the Ice Breaker.

This sniper rifle is, to put it simply, the best sniper rifle in the entire game. It packs a punch, as you’d expect a legendary or exotic sniper to do, but its quite unique in that you don’t get to carry any ammo around for it. Instead, it recharges its ammo over time, adding a new bullet every few seconds until it reaches the limits of its six bullet magazine. If ever you need to do some sniping, this completely removes the worry of having to carry around special ammo synthesis.


It’s easily been one of the most sought after guns in the game, second only to the Gjallarhorn, and now Xur is selling it for just 17 Strange Coins right next to the Crucible Quartermaster robot. Warlocks should also try and pick up the Obsidian Mind helmet.

Even without levelling it up, the Ice Breaker’s going to be mightily useful for Crota’s End, and chances are it’ll be quite integral to any successful run of the hard difficulty which, as I already mentioned, is set to go live next Wednesday.

According to the latest weekly update on, it should be live at around 10AM PST (6PM GMT) on January 21st, and it will hold its own unique treasures to pick up in the form of new primary weapons that deal elemental damage. Up until this point, the normal raid has rewarded you with armour, secondary weapons and heavy weapons, saving those primaries for the hard raid, as a reward for putting yourself through an even more gruelling challenge.
I guess you’d best get yourself up to level 32 as soon as possible…Source:



  1. Why do I get the feeling that this was mainly aimed at me?? ;)

    Kidding of course – The shame is though that RNG has refused to grace me with raid boots as yet, so I cannot get past the level 31 mark until that happens. :(

  2. Level 32 I’ve just got to 31 thanks to my first raid

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