WoW Players With Veteran Accounts Are Getting a Free Physical Gift From Blizzard

Continuing their celebration of World of Warcraft turning 10 years old, Blizzard Entertainment announced today that they’ll be giving something special to veteran players of the long-running MMO, and it turns out that gift is a statue for those who have been with WoW for the last decade.



If you made an account within 60 days of the initial release of the game, you are eligible to receive the statue. Some players have already gotten tracking info for the gift, so should be receiving it soon. Some people have already received them and started selling the statues on eBay for hundreds of pounds. The highest sold listing is currently£496, not including postage. Someone has listed theirs for $999.99, which is £661.

Source: PCGamesN/eBay



  1. Statue looks great, thats very generous of them

  2. Wow, that’s really cool of them. Do Blizzard cover the shipping?

  3. aww, i was so close to getting one.
    you think they’d send me one even though i missed a few months?

    i worked it out, i’m only short about 110 months.
    that’s not much, is it? >_>

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