[UPDATE] Unmechanical: Extended Hits Xbox One January 30th, PlayStation February 11th

Unmechanical: Extended is an improved version of the PC indie hit Unmechanical, which now comes to game consoles with an exclusive new story campaign to play alongside the original tale.

You play as a little robot that has been kidnapped from his home and left in an underground complex packed full of puzzles.


Unmechanical: Extended will retail for $9.99 / 9.99 EUR with the Xbox One getting the game for a whole twelve days of exclusivity. However, the PSN version will also offer cross-buy so you get both the PS3 and PS4 versions for one price.

The previously announced PS Vita version seems to have been cancelled as no mention is made of it on the official site.

UPDATE: The Vita version is “on hold”

Source: Press release



  1. There are very few game trailers which can lull me in to a low level state of sleep. This trailer just joined that small club.

    • The game looked a bit of fun but the voice-work was terrible. That, for me, was the sleep-inducing moment. Sadly, a moment that lasted most of the trailer. :-\

    • I have to agree – whilst the game might be fun, that trailer was so dull. Shame the Vita version was cancelled, as that’s probably a format it would suit.

  2. I’m trying to work out (looking at the latter stages of the trailer) if the Extended version is co-op. Anyone know?

    • Nope, single player afaik.

      • Cheers, fella. Still interested but co-op usually sends it to the top of the list. :-)

    • I’m impressed that you stayed awake that long.

  3. Quite enjoyed it on the PC, nice to know there’s more on the console version. I’ll grab it cheap for the extended bits

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