Grow Home Announced By Ubisoft Reflections, Launching On PC February 4th

A new game has been announced by Ubisoft Reflections. and it is called Grow Home. The game gives players control of BUD, or the Botanical Utility Droid, who is sent on a mission to different planets to find plant life for his homeworld to oxygenate it. He finds something called a Star Plant, which grows into what is described as a giant beanstalk. BUD has to climb up the plant and gather seeds that can be taken back to the homeworld. Gameplay wise when controlling BUD you can cantrol each hand separately, and these can grab anything in the environment.


Grow Home seems like another experiement from a small team within Ubisoft, with a total of eight people working on this. I personally think the smaller teams at Ubisoft seem to be doing a lot more creative things than the larger teams. Then again these small titles are less of a financial risk for Ubisoft, than say if they suddenly changed a lot of core things within the bigger franchises. Grow Home has only been announced as a PC exclusive, and it will release on February 4th. I wouldn’t be surprised if Grow Home eventually made its way to consoles too.

Source: Ubisoft/Youtube