Ubisoft Announce Atomega, An Evolutionary Shooter From The Makers Of Grow Home

The team at Reflections, Ubisoft’s studio up in Newcastle, have something of an experimental attitude, with a small incubator within the studio having previously developed Grow Home and Grow Up. Now they’re back with something completely different, a first person shooter called Atomega, and it’s coming out for PC via Steam on 19th September.


Set at the very ends of time, all that exists are a  small group of Exoforms, small beings that have become balls of light, mastering matter and energy as they’ve evolved through the countless years. As they gather round the last star in the universe, they play a game to fight for fun. I mean, what else is there to do?

Starting as a ball of light, you head out into the arena, grabbing blocks that you pass through and evolving step by step from a small single block, through dinosaur, gorilla and other things all the way up to the godlike Omega. You compete for mass, firing back at other players to diminish them as you grow, with the winner the one that has accrued the most points.

We’ve played it very recently, and we’ll have some nice words to say about this intriguing shooter as soon as we’re allowed to share them.

Source: press release

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  1. Looking forward to a proper preview, the trailer looks really good and I like the end of time idea, very Hitchhikers Guide-y.

  2. That looks good.

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