Destructible Terrain Will Be A Feature In No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is likely to be  one of the biggest games ever to release in terms of scale alone. We already know that it will be impossible for a single person to experience every location in the game, because doing so would take five billion years and that’s if you just spent one second on each planet. This also means you won’t see all the effects that players will have on all these planets, because it has been confirmed the terrain will be destructible.

This information comes from an interview between Eurogamer and Hello Games’ Sean Murray.


“You can see the terrain is destructible, which is something we haven’t shown people before…Resource gathering in every game is normally super boring, and people purposely make it like a chore. And we want it to be fun. It’s something we’re still playing about with. It’s quite fun to be able to do it from a distance, and we also have this grenade thing. Now this isn’t how it will look – it will be like plasma ball – you’ll just have to trust me. And that blows holes in the terrain.

I find myself just doing this, being on a mountain and scanning and then just destroying everything around me. Doing the usual stupid things of drilling a hole and having an animal fall into it.”

We already knew resource gathering would be a thing but it wasn’t really expanded upon how it would be done. This new information hints at destroying features in the landscape to get as much as you can. Now I’m just imagining an intricate system of mines, and mountains full of tunnels.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. I hope this game is not a dud. So much talk about billion years to complete etc we have had games that supposedly have many endings yet let down.

    This & until dawn are talking so much about the things you do affects the game blah blah

    • There is no way this game will live up to everyone’s expectations. I’m sure it will be fun, but it has been warped into this ethereal, conceptual deity through lack of solid gameplay reveals and a desire for it to be something more than the average release. The fact it was top of the most wanted list from a teaser trailer alone will mean it is already a million different needs in a million different minds.

  2. I really like Sean Murray. He comes across so well in the interviews. Meek, mild-mannered but genuinely intelligent. However, I’m going to point something out that will break your brains from here on in. I noticed our American friends latching onto something that is spreading like the plague. Things are no longer incredibly boring or staggeringly boring or really boring or stupendously boring or monumentally boring. They’re super boring. That’s it. Throw out your dictionaries, folk. You cannot escape. Super this, super that. It’s everywhere.

    Anyway, No Man’s Sky. Still looking forward to this but need to see a proper bit of gameplay.

    Have fun hating people who overuse the word “super”. Don’t blame me! :-)

  3. The gameplay needs to be shown in detail before I am sold.

  4. So looking forward to this…… But what is the actual game?

  5. Well short of having any creative mode, the destructive mining sounds like it might allow a degree of influence over the environment, just remains to be seen whether the user tool-set will be flexible enough to allow people to get creative with it… a sort of mining which allows you to craft… mining-craft.

  6. This game sounds like everything I want, but I am a skeptic, until I see it,hear about it, see gameplay videos I cannot believe in it. I am sorry.

    On the other hand, if the game tanks, it won’t matter. The idea is out there and another company could get behind it and make it the way we all want it. It sounds a bit unfair I know, but for the glory of the gaming world it could be done.

  7. Not sold on this at all, until we get to see some gameplay. It sounds pretty boring at the moment, the technical aspect sounds amazing, but without gameplay this could be shite.

  8. Hmmm …. I still just don’t know on this game.
    Not to mention if it’s so open I just won’t have the time to dedicate to it that is sounds like it deserves.
    But I suspect it’ll either be
    – a massive disappointment and not nearly live up to the hype
    – a gaming mega force that I just don’t “get” (like minecraft)

  9. I’m a bit confused by all the hype and excitement of this game.
    Don’t get me wrong, it could be great, but from what I’ve seen so far I don’t understand the attraction to the gameplay or visuals/graphics.

    I can just imagine myself flying to a planet, looking around it for a bit, flying to another, doing the same, getting bored and quitting the game.

    Maybe I’m missing something. Even if it’s just about the exploration, it sounds like the world is so big you won’t even get to share the experience with anyone else.

  10. We just need a release date for it now!

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