Gunsport’s First Trailer Gives A Small Look At The Gameplay

The first trailer for Gunsport, a volleyball with guns kind of game, has been released and it really appears to be a throwback to earlier generations from the graphics to the music. In Gunsport teams from various regions around the world compete in this gun volleyball sport to settle issues, instead of  going to war when things get a little heated. Each region has its own tactics and moves to overcome the opponents, but those aren’t shown in the trailer.


Gunsport is being marketed as an eSport title, and maybe that’s what the devs hope happens to the game long term but it does seem a little presumptuous. I can see Gunsport being one of those games to break out when friends are around to play, though I don’t think local multiplayer has yet been confirmed for the game. Of course none of us will know how good Gunsport is until it releases.

Source: PS Blog