Gunsport And We Are Doomed Announced For PS4

Two new indie games have been announced for PlayStation 4, bringing the total up to eight this week, and all of them will be playable at the PlayStation Experience in December.


Gunsport is a 2-on-2 (or 1-on-1) competitive eSport with a cyberpunk setting, “like volleyball or sepak takraw with a shotgun and a laserbeam.”

Gunsport is all about keeping the ball in the air. The more times the ball passes the net the more points it’s worth, and the more dangerous it becomes to miss a shot. Shots are limited — the keeper, in the back, can’t move, but gets two shots in a full clip. The striker, in the front, can move and jump, but only gets one shot.

Teams reload when the ball crosses the net toward them, but only then, so you have to economize your shots. Every time the ball crosses the net either direction it’s worth one additional point, so when you’ve got a 30 point volley going, and you’re playing to 60, well, the stakes get pretty high.

Gunsport will be released next year and features (sigh) “1080p pixel art!”


Also coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita is We Are Doomed, a twin-stick shooter where you zap polygon baddies with an “insanely overpowered laserbeam.”

The entire game is built on a risk/reward mentality. Every mechanic is designed to make throwing yourself into danger and dashing across the arena to collect Trinkets (the purple cubes) pay off. It makes for a fast-paced game of constantly evaluating your options while maintaining composure.

We Are Doomed features (sigh) “a unique lo-fi aesthetic” which deliberately will not have shaders, textures and other modern accoutrements  and will be out next year.

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  1. And this explains Tuffcubs outburst on twitter!

  2. They really used the word “eSport”? For that single reason, they deserve to have their game fail.

    (The original version of that sentence was around 94% swearing. I even used the word “Q***-G****er”)

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