Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Begins On February 3rd

The start date for the Battlefield Open Beta has been confirmed as February 3rd, and will be available to play on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and on PC through Origin. The beta will last until February 8th, and will give players access to both three modes, and three of the multiplayer maps.


The locations players will be able to play across include Dust Bowl, Downtown, and Bank Job, while the modes will include Conquest, Heist, and Hotwire. You can more details on those locations and match types here. Visceral has also given details on Hacker mode, which is similar to Commander mode in Battlefield 4. In Hacker one player on each side can use security cameras on maps, and spot enemies. Information can also be relayed to the other team members for best plan of attack or defence.




  1. Will definitely give this a go, shame it’s not for very long though.

  2. I’ll definitely try it out on the PS3 next week. I’m guessing that over here the beta won’t release until Wednesday.

  3. Ahh I’m away next weekend, would love to give this another go. I quite enjoyed the Beta at E3.
    I still agree this feels more of a DLC than a full upgrade, but time will tell. They must have done something in the time they’ve gained from the delay.

  4. I’m in! Hopefully it’s gone a long way since the last beta or alpha, whatever it was.

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