OlliOlli 2 Release Is Fast Approaching As Roll7 Release A New Trailer

Back in the day, reaching beta was just another internal milestone of game development, the point at which the focus dramatically shifts from creating content to polishing, tweaking and fixing bugs. Of course, it’s now common parlance to use it to describe when developers open the doors and test network infrastructure with the general public’s crushing combined weight. Roll7 are using the term in the more traditional sense when they say that OlliOlli 2 has been in beta for the last month, and they’re hurtling along on the way to hitting Gold.

Coming to PS4 and PS Vita sooner rather than later, it would seem, OlliOlli 2 takes the same tricking style of the first game and adds a number of new ideas and features to the gameplay. The trailer below shows off a whole host of those changes, with ramps, grind switching, reverts, manuals, multiple routes, secret areas and plenty more added to the gameplay and level design. On top of that, there’s even support for local multiplayer, in a mode called Combo Rush.


And just to cap the video off, it finishes with a tiny little flash of the fifth and as yet unannounced world in the game. Speaking of the game worlds, did you catch our exclusive look at GunMetal Creek last week?