Monster Boy & The Wizard Of Booze Making Its Way To PS4, PC & Other Platforms

Game Atelier has announced Monster Boy & The Wizard Of Booze for PS4, PC, and other platforms, with a unique teaser. The game also gets my personal game name of the year award, and we’re not even out of January yet. If any of those screenshots look familiar then that is because Monster Boy is essentially a spiritual revival of the Wonder Boy and Monster World games, with Ryuichi Nishizawa involved with this project. He was one of the minds behind the original Wonder Boy games.


It does look like Monster Boy is being worked on by Game Atelier instead of Flying Hamster II, which had an unsuccessful Kickstarter last year. Then again that could have been put on hiatus while work on Monster Boy is completed. Once we get more details on Monster Boy, like a release date we shall let you know.

Source: GAF