News Snatch: Hellblade, Life Is Strange, Ouya And Celebrity Mingling

Hello there, time for another news round up and we start with teddy bears, yes it’s almost time to be completely terrified again as Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 is on its way.

Sony are announcing a new “PlayStation Initiative” in New York on February 13th, and PlayStation MVPs (which is a thing in America where fans sign up for exclusive events) have been invited. The event will also showcase unreleased games and there will be “celebrity mingling”, which is my new favourite phrase.
Lady Hammerlock the Baroness has joined the cast of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and this is the trailer for her DLC.

Quantic Dream have been quiet for a good while, no doubt busy beavering away on something PS4, but to make sure we don’t forget them they have launched a new website full of behind the scenes goodness, such as the video above.


The Video Game Hype Train reaches new levels of ridiculousness: Resident Evil Revelations 2‘s producer Michiteru Okabe has said the next major Resident Evil will “blow our minds”, however he has not played the game. Or seen it. In fact he probably doesn’t know anything about it at all.

Lots of videos today, this is the launch trailer for Dontnod’s Life Is Strange, which is out today and has been picking up some very favourable reviews.

Other developers should pay attention to the words of Naughty Dog Co-Presidents Evan Wells.

Everyone knows that the process of making a game is very fluid and really unpredictable. Even if there is a date out there, it’s with the huge caveat of, ‘Well, if it’s not ready, we’d rather ship a game that’s late than a game that’s not done.’ If you ship a game that’s late, people will forget the delay. But if you ship a crappy game, that’s going to be there forever.

The latest developer diary for Hellblade includes a first look at some combat.

It looks like we won’t see Lumines on consoles ever again, the game has been sold to Mobcast, a Japense developer who works solely on smartphone games.

Another – yes another one – video for The Order: 1886. We will have seen the entire game in trailers by the time the damn thing comes out.

Well here is some news you did not expect- someone has just spent $10 million on the Ouya console. Chinese set-top-box maker Alibaba has invested in the console, presumably to shove the hardware into its television devices as China has recently lifted it ban on consoles.

Amazon Spain are listing a Bloodborne PS4 bundle.

Sky Go has finally made it’s way to PlayStation 3.

And Finally, all of Westeros from Game of Thrones is being created in Minecraft. All of it. Cripes.



  1. Morning snatch… love it!
    I’m really liking these HellBlade video diaries. If I was working on a project like that I’d be happily living in the office with the occasional lunch or beer break.

  2. There is one heck of a lot of ‘mo cap’ in that Quantic Dream’s video. I hope there’s a game underneath all that mo cap video.

    The Order is getting me more and more excited with every video released (and there have been quite a number of them).

  3. Evan Wells wasn’t the first to make this comment, Miyamoto once made the relatively famous quote “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”

  4. No more lumines on consoles.. Gutted

  5. Do you still need Sky Go Extra to watch it on consoles?

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