New Red Goddess Trailer Shows Rage & Fear, Release Expected April 2015

A brand new trailer for sidescroller Red Goddess has been released, with new elements of the gameplay getting a bit of a showing in the footage. You can see the main character Divine switch between her Rage & Fear personas as she encounters enemies. That’s not all as more the of the world and the characters within are also given some brief screen time.


The story of Red Goddess follows Divine as she explores her own mind to find out what is causing dark thoughts to appear in it. Everything she interacts with is a part of her subconscious. The game itself is nonlinear so you can explore freely, and tackle the quests given to you by the inhabitants of this mind.

Red Goddess is expected to launch in April on PS4, PC, Mac & Linux. A Wii U and Vita release will follow afterwards.

Source: Youtube/Press Release