Michael Bay Would Like These Just Cause 3 Screens

It’s explosions a-go-go in this new set of screenshots supposedly taken from Just Cause 3, and the colour saturation has also been turned up to eleven.

We get a look at the wingsuit, some explosions, a completely impossible “standing on top of a flying jet” move, more explosions, the wingsuit and an explosion, more standing on jets, and finally, an explosion.


By the way, if you were wondering why we didn’t post these yesterday it’s because they just appeared on NeoGAF with no source, so we’ve been trying to verify they come from the game rather than just post them like everyone else did. To be honest we’ve failed miserably in that respect, but as Avalanche have not said anything about the screens either way we are going to assume they are legitimate.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Stoked. Cannot wait.

  2. Oh spank me hard, this is going to be my second most fav thing in the whole wide world ever!

    • That really begs the question – What’s your most favourite thing in the whole wide world ever?

  3. Hmmm, the point of some of the more outlandish video games like this one is to present opportunities for action which is not normally possible in real life. Frankly, who hasn’t stood on top of a flying jet plane without a parachute?!

  4. Orange and teal, still going strong I see.

    I hope they don’t try to do another story, just let us make it up as we go.

    • F***ing orange and teal! I hope there is a special place in hell for Michael Bay for making that colour scheme a trend!

  5. Looking forward to this game, JC2 was the first game I platinumed.

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