Multiplayer Returns To The Original Borderlands On PS3

The original Borderlands lost it’s online functionality back in the summer of last year but in a surprising move the ageing game has been patched and co-op has been re-enabled.

The game lost its online features when the co-op servers, hosted by Gamespy, were shut down when the company closed. A new host has stepped in, 22nd Century Toys, and a new patch has been deployed for those on PlayStation 3.


As well as enabling the new matchmaking system the update also contains a few other changes:

  • Within Borderlands multiplayer, you can sort your friends list in a few different ways:
    • Who is playing Borderlands
    • Who is online
    • Alphabetical order
  • The “And They’ll Tell Two Friends” Trophy will now grant correctly
  • Improvements to voice chat

Those who use cloud saves may need to tweak a few options when restarting the game, but apart from that you should be able to get online and start shooting.

Source: Gearbox



  1. Not bad. If someone could do the same for Unreal Tournament 3 that would be great.

  2. Perhaps because Borderlands will be coming to PSNow?

    • Could be this surely, makes more sense & maybe we will see more games online appearing again the likes of MAG, SOCOM etc

      • I would think so, otherwise why would companies pay to have patches released for games that have already lost their multiplayer. Although I have been wrong before though, once in 2002.

  3. Hmm… Incoming cross-platform play with Ps4? Would be cool.

    • B1 isnt coming to PS4, just B2 and BPS.

  4. When I read the word ‘Multiplayer’ I did do a double take, but then it does occur to me that co-op is also technically multiplayer. More about how the word is translated by my mind than the actual meaning I think!

    For a second there though, I thought that they had introduced some kind of deathmatch thing (other than the simple duel thing you could do of course)! That would be pretty weird.

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