New Video Dives Into Bloodborne’s Character Creator

With Bloodborne’s release clearly visible on the horizon, more and more details continue to make their way out and into the public’s eyes as its launch draws near. Today, we get a closer look at the character creation system we’ll be using in the game, courtesy of IGN.


Aside from the simple customization options you would expect, there seems to be no shortage of subtle tweaks for creating the perfect Victorian monster-hunter. Body and physique sliders give you some choice in the kind of build that your character will have, and there are also new voice options for the male and female characters. Despite these upgraded voice options, IGN notes that their character was pretty much silent for the first few hours, so don’t expect your character to be as talkative as other RPG protagonists.

Bloodborne comes out March 24th, exclusively on PS4.

Source: IGN