Small Radios Big Televisions Warps On To PlayStation 4

Small Radios Big Televisions sounds like a 1980s soft rock band doesn’t it? No? Just me then. Anyway, it is not, it is a new platformer coming to PlayStation 4.

“The game is about exploration, finding old data cassettes strewn through the insides of old factories and discovering the worlds you find inside,” explained developer Owen Deery. “The aim is to make an experience that borrows some of the “softness” of analogue media and put that into a modern console title.”

The idea of the game is to find analogue tapes and play then in your tape deck, but instead of music the tapes create different worlds for you to explore. Analogue tapes have been chosen as they can be warped by magnetic fields, so expect some weird levels.

Anyone who is under the age of twenty and has not understood a word of the above, please ask your parents.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Those warehouse levels look like they could have been made in Little Big Planet.

    Looks interesting, and nothing like a ZX Spectrum game despite the cassette tape connection.

  2. Eh!

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