Warframe’s Eyes Of Blight Update Introduces New Mission & Relays

Digital Extremes has announced the Eyes Of Blight update for free to play shooter Warframe, and it appears to be quite a hefty content drop. There are new social hubs, a new trader, new missions, twists on game modes, additional weapons, and a new enemy type. The full update hasn’t gone live yet, with some features being stress tested by Founders, people who have Mastery Rank 10+, or those who have bought a Prime Access pack. But when the update has fully rolled out the list below details what to expect.

  • Operation Eyes Of Blight – Vey Hek’s Balor Fomorian space fleet begins its invasion of the Solar System. Players have to use Archwings to engage in space battles before finding a way into the bigger enemy ships, which have to be shut down from within. Failure to do so could see one of the new social Relays get destroyed.
  • Social Relays – These are space stations that orbit each planet, and here players can trade, create groups, change loadouts, or purchase offerings.
  • Void Trader – Along with the Relays comes the Void Trader known as Baro Ki’Teer. His appearances are rather rare as Baro will only be available for business once every two weeks. The Void Trader sells rare items though only takes a currency known as Orokin Ducats. Ducats can be acquired by selling Prime gear to Baro.
  • Itzal Archwing – This new Archwing is used in a support role, where it can launch drones, cloak nearby players, and teleport a short distance.
  • Weapons – The new weapons include Fluctus energy Arch-gun and the Centaur sword-shield, which are for use by Archwings only. The Kohm Spark gun is a plasma shotgun that gets stronger with each successive shot. There’s also the Tipedo staff, and the Panthera which shoots sawblades at enemies.
  • Enemies – Corrupted Butchers have been introduced for Orokin Void missions, while Corrupted Rocket Bombards and Corrupted Nullifier Crewman have been introduced for T3 & T4 Void missions.
  • Corpus Hijack mission- This has been added to Sorath, Europa and requires players to escort an ATV to its extraction point.
  • User generated skins – Skins that have been voted on by the community are now available to purchase, with 25% of the Platinum sales value going directly to the creator.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I used to spend a massive amount of time on warframe, excellent ftp title with no need to spend any money at all. While this sounds like an excellent update I doubt I’ll ever return to the game, destiny has taken its place as my time sink now. Still, anyone looking for something to get stuck into should give warframe a serious look in.

    • Have you any tips for a new player? I’m just getting into it though am a little overwhelmed with all the upgrade options etc.

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