Atari Rebooting Asteroids As An Open World Sandbox Multiplayer Game

It took 36 years, but the Asteroids reboot that is totally necessary and in-demand is finally coming. Atari announced that they’ll be rebooting the classic arcade game with Asteroids: Outpost, an “open world, sandbox style, survival experience”.

Asteroids: Outpost will arrive soon on the Steam Early Access platform, and is a multiplayer survival game. Playing as a deep space miner, you’re tasked with building a base, and defending it as you explore a “massive, unforgiving asteroid”.


Players can team up with or fight against other players as everyone gathers resources to expand their territory, as well as blasting away asteroid showers in order to defend their base and gain additional resources and money.

Salty Games is developing the title, and while the team may be new, the individuals involved are experienced industry veterans, having worked on titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Star Trek Online.

“Asteroids is one of the most iconic titles in Atari’s portfolio of more than 200 games and franchises, and we’re looking forward to ushering the game into today’s digital gaming era,” said Atari CEO Fred Chesnais in a press release. “We’re paying homage to the original Asteroids by incorporating classic features such as asteroid blasting capabilities, while introducing a completely new premise and gameplay. Asteroids: Outpost will appeal to both fans of the classic Asteroids as well as enthusiasts of immersive survival games and expansive MMOs.”

Source: Videogamer



  1. Sounds like an RTS Super Stardust?

    • Also sounds nothing like the original other than it supposedly takes place on an asteroid.

      Unless your main task is to destroy said asteroid, I have no idea how this is related to the original licence in any way.

  2. Whut?

  3. Assteroids? There’s a cream for that isn’t there?

  4. Headline reads like an April fools joke. Quite a funny one too.

  5. Well if the star raiders & haunted house remakes/updates are anything to go by, the Atari name will just be dragged through the mud again. :(

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