First Batch Of Free Dying Light Content Brings Hard Mode

If you’ve become somewhat of a Dying Light master over the last couple of weeks, then you might be interested in the new, free update for the game, which adds a harder difficulty mode. This is the first of several free updates which will arrive over the coming months.

The content is expected around the start of March, if not before – not too long after the physical release of the game. It’ll ramp up the night time difficulty, feature deadlier foes, and have scarce resources and supplies, which should make the game an overall more stealthy affair. Tymon Smektała, producer at Techland puts it this way:


A few gamers have already finished Dying Light and are asking for more. So we’re going to give our community a new challenge that will put everything they learnt in the game to the test. Hard Mode is exactly that.

This update will also bring improvements to the gameplay and new character outfits, so keep an eye out for it later this month or in early March.


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  1. I was genuinely excited about this but it’ll be too late for me, I fear. The play-through will be complete and it’s such a good idea too.

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