Players Will Be Able To Help Create Next Multiplayer Map For Battlefield 4

DICE has announced that in its continued effort to support Battlefield 4 long term there will be an opportunity for players to help shape the next multiplayer map, with input shaping how it will be designed and what kind of play styles it will really cater to. Once initial groundwork is laid the map will be available in the Community Test Environment for premium players, who can give even more input to create the final map.


As well as a new map the Winter update will be releasing in March which will tweak the netcode, as well as improve the Squad Obliteration mode. This mode is going to become the lead multiplayer mode for Battlefield 4. In it two teams of five have to retrieve a bomb and destroy two enemy bases to claim victory.

Source: Battlefield Blog



  1. I’ve had this idea for ages of a multiplayer map that’s basically a football pitch where each team spawns at separate ends and total carnage ensues.

    • i had a similar idea but for a sniper only map… So 2 ends, middle is all dead zone you can’t cross the map you just aim and get your snipe on

  2. I’ve got an idea. Release all of the BFBC2 maps, that would keep me comfortably playing BF4 for the next couple of years.

  3. My idea revolves around a snow covered landscape with lots of underground tunnels. The map would be purely RUSH with one team defending with small arms fire, static mounted guns and small winged craft with low altitude limitations. The team attacking would have large, heavily armored, walking troop carriers which release the troops closer to the RUSH objective points. As the RUSH mode moves forward and points are taken, the battle moves closer to the underground tunnels. At this point there are several people on the defending team who are randomly nominated and they must then escape on a Millenium Falcon before the attackers rush the final objectives.

    • And there must be lots of ‘pew’, ‘pew’ sound effects.

    • “…and they must then escape whilst protecting Sam Fox and leading her to safety onboard the Millennium Falcon before the attackers rush the final objectives.”

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