Vehicles, Weapons & Gear Details For GTA Online’s Heists Leaked

It looks like Twitter user Funmw2 may have uncovered the various gear and vehicles players will be able to use once Heists is finally released for GTA Online. Outside of the objects players can use some other things that will be new, according to the leak, are characters and potentially an extra heist for last gen.

Now, none of this has been officially confirmed by Rockstar and it is likely that the studio won’t verify until it is ready to do so. The pictures below do show the vehicles and gear that players may get to tool around with though, as well as the extra characters.

Source: Funmw2 Twitter



  1. I’ve learnt (with GTA V) to simply let it all happen… or not. Rockstar will get around to it, I’m sure, but until then I just ignore that Heists are actually going to happen. It keeps me sane. :-)

    • Exactly that.
      Just waiting for the day where I launch the game and heists are there.

  2. Moving on to new games now dying light etc. So will be interesting to come back to GTA with some hopefully new heists, when ever that will be who knows. GTA is back on the shelf for a while now though.

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