OlliOlli 2 Tricking Its Way Onto PS4 And PS Vita Next Week

The sound of a fresh wave of grinding, jumping and tricking has been getting louder and louder over the last couple of months, but Roll7 have pulled a fast one in announcing that OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood is ready to launch on PS4 and PS Vita next week. It will be landing on the PlayStation Store on March 3rd in the US and March 4th in the EU.

Though it retains the same distinctive 2D gameplay and difficult to master control system, OlliOlli 2 puts a fresh lick of paint on the game, with a much more nuanced graphical style, while the tricks have been added to with Manuals, Reverts and Grind Switching with which you can make your way through the more expansive multi-pathed levels.


It might not be a completely new trailer – it’s effectively the same one as they sent out at the end of January with a few minor tweaks – the launch date reveal does mention that the Combo Rush local multiplayer mode isn’t in the game at launch but is instead “coming soon”. As explained in the press release, it is feature complete, but is going through some final polish before being patched into the game.




  1. PS4 AND PS4?!!! Wow!! :-p

    • Yep, it’s compatible with both black and white PS4s. No news on 20th Anniversary models yet, but I’ll try to find out.


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