GAME Buys E-Sports Company Multiplay For £20 Million

It seems like only a few weeks ago that GAME were in dire financial straits and on the verge of collapse but they have rebounded and splashed out £20 million on E-Sports company Multiplay.

“The acquisition of Multiplay is an exciting and strategically important step for GAME,” said GAME CEO Martyn Gibbs. “The world of live events, eSports and multiplayer gaming is growing rapidly and one we have been looking to enter for some time.”


“GAME and Multiplay are both passionate about games and gaming, building valuable communities of gamers and putting customers first,” added Multiplay founder and CEO Craig Fletcher. “Over the years we’ve worked closely with the GAME team on many occasions and come to know them well.”

E-sports are huge in Asia and are a growing market in Europe and America, personally I’d rather play the game myself than watch someone else do it.

Source: MCV



  1. The prices in Game are still ridiculous in case anyone’s wondering, but someone must be buying I guess. Evolve was £54.99, FIFA 14 £52.99 for example.

    • As you’ve noted the prices are still ridiculously high. For some stupendous reason, PS controllers were raised in price with a DS3 costing £70 in my local GAME store. Console deals are utterly boring and expensive, selling games to them seems to be more complicated than ever. They really don’t know what a ‘deal’ is. In fact the last time I ever shopped with them must have been well over a year ago, and much longer for buying something from one of their shops. Rant over.

      • I dunno, while I find their normal prices to be a bit steep, they usually have some good offers on. For example:

        1TB Xbox One + Forza 5 + COD AW = £299

        To me that’s a really good deal.

      • I use them for trading in, though that’s partly because there’s nowhere else left to trade in and partly because I usually get PSN/xbox credit with it.

      • No doubt about it, the Xbox offer was awesome (extremely, ridiculously tempting). I did buy my PS3 off them as well with a great bundle, but these offers seem like small punctures in the hard pricing on most other things.

        I usually find I’d have to price match anything to get a decent price at game, and even then, there’s sod all worth buying except digital credit.

  2. Who shops in game anymore like statham said their price are ridiculous! I use game to trade in games to buy vouchers for psn but good on them that they seem to be back on track after last year

    • I had no idea Jason Statham was into gaming!

      • Lol auto correct. I meant starman

  3. Where the F did they get £20m from??? That’s a hell of lot of Skylanders and Disney Infinity junk sold right there.

    • The Game I was in has 2 shelves of those figures where the Vita & DS games used to be. To see Vita games you have to ask to see them like some kind of questionable material as they’re fetched from out the back!

      • Oh, please tell me that they sell them in brown paper bags too? That would just complete the experience! ;)

      • Ha ha, sadly not Forrest.

  4. I thought GAME was in a dire state not that long ago and close to folding? Must’ve got a serious cash injection from somewhere because as far as I can tell they’re still behaving much the same way they did before then, i.e. stupid prices and asking almost as much for used copies etc; so can’t see how they’ve “earned” the money through reforming…

    • The new generation of consoles kept them going, otherwise they’d be gone by now. But as several have said, they’ve not learnt from past mistakes so are destined for administration again sooner or later.

  5. The one company i wished had of failed.I hate Game for what they’ve become,selling overpriced games and accessories.Trading in is just as bad,they make as much money as you on your game.The only bargains to be had are when other store are doing deals.

  6. I too harbour a disliking of GAME, they must only survive through mums and grannys buying things for boys over Xmas and at bdays.
    They need a massive PR campaign and an overhaul of their pricing to survive long term

    • It’s sad that certain people who know little about games but buy them as gifts presume they just step into GAME, buy something, and that’s the universal cost of computer gaming.

  7. For the record, I actually don’t hate Game.

    Sure, they are overpriced on around 99% of their stock & it isn’t all that often that I actually shop there, but I for one wouldn’t wish them harm – They are pretty much the only gaming presence on the high street now (certainly in my town at least) & there is an customer base out there for them. Mainly those who are not quite so internet savvy.

    Although I don’t shop there all that often, I do like to actually give a boxed game a good fondle before I make a decision on whether its for me or not.

    Plus, Game vouchers for Xmas is still better than an Xmas jumper.

    • Reading your comment on fondling the boxes may explain the vita games not on display situation!

  8. Games aren’t currently expensive. I remember Street Fighter 2 Turbo costing £99.99 for the game alone.

    Things go up in price and with the Internet and Supermarkets being heavily involved with Gaming, people should just buy from sources which sit comfortably with them. I used to really dislike Game, but with their new teams and friendly staff, they’re not that bad. Sick of reading about people moaning about price. You want your wages to increase but you’re not willing to pay a little more for a game. Does my nut in.

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