20.2 Million PS4s Sold Worldwide, Morpheus To Launch In 2016

Sony is currently holding its Game Developers Conference talk with Shuhei Yoshida dropping some big news during the talk. The first is the number of PS4s  sold through to consumers, which now stands at 20.2 million units worldwide. That makes the console the fastest selling in PlayStation’s history.

The other big news is the release period for Project Morpheus, which is set for the first half of 2016. Alongside this time period Sony has also highlighted the changes Morpheus has gone through during development, and the current hardware specs are below.

  • OLED display: In exchange for the 5 inch LCD, the new Morpheus VR headset is equipped with a 5.7 inch 1920 X RGB X 1080 resolution OLED display. This new screen expands the field of view and enables low persistence, removing motion blur.
  • 120hz refresh rate: The previous refresh rate spec has been doubled for this new prototype, which means games for Morpheus can be rendered at 120fps. When combined with the OLED display’s high refresh rate and the power of PS4, Morpheus is able to output amazingly smooth visuals.
  • Super low latency: Latency reduced to less than 18ms, about half of what the first Morpheus prototype had. Low latency is critical to deliver a sense of presence, at the same time making the VR experience comfortable to players.
  • More accurate tracking: To make positional tracking more precise, three LEDs have been added to the headset – one on the front and two on the side – for a total of nine LEDs to support robust 360 degree tracking.
  • User-friendly design:  The Morpheus VR headset is now easier to put on and take off, with a single band design and quick release button. The headband supports the weight of the unit on the top of your head, so there is no pressure on your face. Other components have also been adjusted and configured to make the headset lighter, so that players do not find the headset cumbersome or uncomfortable to use.

Some images for the headset have also been released from the GDC talk,  which you can see below.

Source: Twitter/PS Blog



  1. Morpheus looks sexy & sleek. I hope that’s not the final name.

    20.2m well done Sony surely the order spiked sales lol

  2. Well done Sony.

    But how many XB1’s have MS shipped? ;-)

    • The silence is all you need to know. 10 since Microsoft last announced anything concrete, since then vague noises and stats on how many halo hours.

      Compare that that weekly bragging about xbox360 sales and weekly NPD updates last generation, and its clear its much worse that even the worst estimates.

      11m shipped, 7m sold to consumers would be my guess. Given the pretty much constant 4:1 sales advantage in europe, and the 2:1 in the US the ps4 has had since launch.

  3. Exciting to see the future edging ever nearer to the present. Back to the Future were just one year out! In Part 2, Marty Jr. sits at the dinner table in late 2015 wearing some weird VR headset thing

  4. So it’s 1920×1080 for both eyes? You’re getting 960×1080 per eye, right up close? And they expect things to run at 120fps? It’s going to look terrible, isn’t it?

    And we’ve still got no idea of a price, a release date less vague than some 6 month period next year, or any really convincing argument as to why you’d want one, other than to look like some sort of idiot from the future.

    Given Sony’s past record on extra hardware to go with Playstations, I think we know where this is going to end up.

    • If you mean it’s a bad resolution for something where your going to be eye close I doubt it. It’s a small screen, so that resolution is quite high and the Pixels Per Inch could likewise be the same (quite high for a small screen). I know the OLED and the 120fps will make it a visual treat, providing the technology as a whole works well.

      I don’t see why this shouldn’t get off the ground providing Sony have got all finances and marketing planned out. Heck if it worked and was at a reasonable price, I’d buy it for racing games and shooters, it’d be pretty cool.

      • The ‘reasonable price’ point will be where this lives or dies I think.

        Sony don’t have a great track record with good price points on new developments.

    • I agree, judging from the evidence we have, I struggle to see how the PS4 is going to achieve that performance (unless Morpheus is only used for those Indie pixel games!).

      That said, it does say it’s capable of 120 rather than that is what it requires. I think the head of Occulus said he thinks VR needs a min of 60 to be nice for the user, but the sweet spot is between 90-120.

  5. Low persistence display and the greater size of the display fix the two complaints people had when trying it. 18ms latency and 120Hz completes the package.

    First half of 2016? best start putting the pennies in the piggybank.

  6. Crazy sales which makes it more interesting that the X1 is selling more games on a lot of titles.

  7. Project Morpheus with an OLED screen should make for a better gaming experience. There doesn’t seem to be any surround sound included with PM so it looks like you’ll have to wear an 7.1 headset (or similar) as well as the PM device, which could get a bit heavy for your neck muscles with prolonged use.

    Good to see the PS4 is still selling really well.

  8. The potential (in my head) for PM and VR as a whole gets me very excited but for this to ever work there needs to be a large number of sales. Luckily it sounds as though the PS4 could manage this. As long as the price is accessible it could be a huge success, similar to the Wii success, however I get the feeling for the future of VR, anything released needs to be good or it will turn into another Wii.

  9. 20 million sold through to customers is phenomenal. I have many reservations about VR but it’s good to see them implementing the flip-up design. I think all VR devices should have that feature for safety and convenience.

  10. Some going is that. I’ll be picking up the VR peripheral as soon as it drops.

    Go Sony :-)

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