Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensword Expansion Set For June Release

Talk about a game that’s had a rough history but continues to persevere, that sums up Final Fantasy XIV and the subsequent ‘Realm Reborn’ release pretty well. It’s alive and well today on the PC, PS3, and PS4 almost five years after its initial launch, and its next expansion will be available this June.

The PlayStation Blog over in the US just revealed not only the June 23rd release date, but also talked about a few other details on what we can expect.


For starters, the expansion includes large new zones ripe for exploration, with the new areas equalling 1.5 times the amount of explorable space that was in the original. Second, the expansion includes new flying mounts that players can use, and they allow for travel at up to three times the pace of roaming on foot. Finally, there will be at least three new jobs available, and it sounds like there are more changes on the way to the jobs that currently exist.

The original post goes into great detail about what’s coming so check there for all the smaller nuts and bolts of the expansion, and if you’re curious how this game held up when it was brought to the PS4, you check out our review here.

Source: US PlayStation Blog