Get An Extra 10% Discount On The UK PlayStation Store Today

Sony have announced a surprise discount code for the UK PlayStation store which is only valid for today.



Sadly you cannot use the code for pre-orders, subscriptions (including PlayStation Plus) or video on demand, but everything else is up for grabs.

Source: Twitter



  1. I hope devil may cry comes to digital, I only buy digital.

  2. Ooohh, I have £20 sat in my wallet.

    Any recommendations for how i should spend it please?

    • Helldivers

      • That’s a good recommendation. Assuming you’re a fan of swearing at people. People who “accidentally” kill you.

        Although don’t get too annoyed and sweary at them, because you’ll do exactly the same to them 5 minutes later.

        I’ve never seen such chaos in a game before. Or a trophy just for 4 people being in a vehicle on a Friday. (And remember – standing there spinning in circles with a big flappy cape is fun. And rewarding)

      • That’s my plan. I’ll buy it after lunch.

      • Did smile at the fact that HellRaiser recommended Helldivers :D

      • If anyone wants to have some Helldivers fun, let me know. I’m sure you can work out my PSN name.

        Just promise to not swear at me if I trample you with the giant robot suit thing. And don’t send stuff hurtling in from orbit to land on my head.

        Actually, you can do that. It’s funny, and make me feel less guilty about the other frequent accidents I cause.

    • Or that Resident Evil Revelations 2 is worth a go too. Even if it’s just half a dozen hours of game and many, many more hours of the weirdly addictive raid mode. Just don’t plan on just doing a single mission. The “they only take 5 minutes, might as well do another” thing can lead to several hours vanishing.

      • At the moment it’s a looking like either Revelations or a return to Driveclub.

      • Both are a very good choice.

        Revelations is much better than it has any right to be. The episodic thing works well, so don’t sit there and play through the whole thing in one go. Little 45 minute chunks of story are perfect.

        And raid mode is great fun. Even if it’s just “spend 5 minutes killing 30 or 40 enemies, improve weapons and skills, and repeat”. And eventually go back and repeat earlier levels with overpowered weapons to get all the medals.

        More fun to be had there for your £20 (or £18 with that discount) than many full price games.

  3. Damn, just bought TLOU digital for my boy on the weekend.

  4. Sadly, there’s no other Alien: Isolation DLC I could buy, so I’m not sure what to get…

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