WeView Verdict: Dragon Age: Inquisition

In last week’s WeView I talked about how games with the scale of Dragon Age: Inquisition intimidate me. The amount of hours you need to sink into them to get at everything they have to offer seems absolutely staggering to me, and your responses have only reinforced that feeling. When bunimomike kicked things off by telling us he’d sunk over 120 hours into the game, albeit enjoyable hours, I was genuinely taken aback. I mean you can certainly argue he got more than his money’s worth, but it remains amazing to me that he’s managed to get so much out of it.

In fact pretty much all of you seemed to be absolutely in love with the game, with B_Cambo calling it “Possibly one of the best RPG games I have ever played”, while The Lone Steven simply said that it’s “A fantastic game.” dirtiestturnip was equally enamoured with it, saying it’s “the only game I have not traded in after finishing as I still get cravings to play it”, despite investing over 70 hours into the game. If that’s not the sign of a well crafted epic RPG, I don’t know what is.

The one thing that everyone really seemed to agree on was just how much better this entry into the Dragon Age series is than its predecessor, Dragon Age II. MrYd seemed particularly disdainful of the earlier game, saying that bunimomike’s description of Dragon Age II as a “misstep” was “being a bit too kind”, calling it “a terrible game that involved spending more hours than you should be expected to endure pressing the same button”. psychobudgie took a similar stance, saying that Inquisition is “awesome in almost every way Dragon Age II wasn’t”.

It must be said that several of you did highlight a few issues with the game. TSBonyman “found that levelling up was very slow” and encountered several glitches in their time with the game, and Starman felt that “the combat feels a bit disconnected”. The multiplayer also came in for criticism from many of you, with Lieutenant Fatman saying you shouldn’t expect much from it, Kennykazey saying that you shouldn’t “bother with the multiplayer” and The Lone Steven saying you should avoid Inquisition all together “if you are only interested in the multiplayer”.

james.warne.jw was even less impressed by Inquisition, saying that it feels “unpolished and very disjointed” due to its development by multiple teams. They also complained about the game’s writing, saying that they were never “engrossed in the story” due to its directionless plot.

Alongside that, they also agreed with TSBonyman’s assessment that the game is full of bugs, stating that “Quests won’t trigger, important loot will never appear, one quest won’t start if you approach from the wrong direction” and the “audio will drop out occasionally”. These are all fairly justified issues, and lead to them giving the game an Avoid It rating.

Before I break down this week’s verdict, it’s time to pick out one final comment, and this week it comes from psychobudgie. They seemed to perfectly encapsulate the majority view of Inquisition in their comment:

It’s awesome in almost every way Dragon Age II wasn’t. Massive open world to explore, loads to do, loads to kill and loads to enjoy. Great story and some great characters. In a nutshell, buckle up and prepare to ride the bull. Buy it, love it, and play it until the cows come home.

I’ll wrap up Dragon Age: Inquisition by looking at the community’s verdict. It’s rather simple this week, with just one vote for Avoid It, while the remaining twelve all came down in favour of Buy It. I think that’s all that really needs to be said about the game.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, but for now you can vote for next week’s game below.



  1. Lovely Verdict write-up. :-)

    Such a belter of a game.

  2. So well-written that i had to read it twice to make sure you weren’t falsely accusing me of voting to avoid it. ;)

  3. I can maybe understand someone voting to avoid it when referring to the product at launch, it was quite buggy in certain areas. But most of the issues have been patched / fixed now so it really is worth getting if you enjoy RPGs at all.

    • I initially voted as Buy It, under the assumption that the bugs had been fixed. Then I went back to play the game again and found that I was still experiencing the same bugs with no word on when they would be fixed yet.

      I really want to like the game, but there is no excuse for not having fixed the bugs after this long.

      • That’s such a shame. It worked flawlessly the moment it was released (for two of us here) but that was on the PC version.

      • It really is, as there is a lot to like about the game. Is one of those things too, some people hot the bugs, others don’t. I’m sure that there is a game in there I could really enjoy, but my experience so far has left me quite sour on the whole thing.

        Although I see another patch came out today, so maybe they have resolved the issues.

        Might keep an eye on what people are saying about this patch and if it sounds like progress had been made then give out another shot

      • *It’s & *get

        Damn autocorrect on phone…

  4. Im 83 hours in and im loving, still haven’t completed the main storyline! The only bug I came across is the audio dropping out in certain cut scene’s but thats about it.

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