The Crew Will Get Two Hour Free Trial Demo On PS4 & Xbox One

Take it for a test drive.

Ubisoft has announced that from tomorrow a free two hour trial of The Crew will go live for all on PS4 and Xbox One, with the progress carrying over to the full game should you decide to buy it. With this trial all the parts of the game will be available to check out from the story. You may not get to the competitive multiplayer within that time, but at least you could try out co-op in the events in the world.

As well as the free trial The Vintage Car Pack is available for season pass holders, or it can be bought separately. A free update is also rolling out bringing with it four new faction missions, as well as the new PvP mode called Blitz Brawl, In this event you have to race zone to zone and stay within the designated areas, while you also try to push other drivers out of the spot.

Source: PR


  1. Wish I didn’t sell the game. I had so much fun driving around and PvP multiplayer.
    Do you need Plus to try the trial? As it is an online game! Would have been perfect last weekend as it was free (in time for Battlefield)

  2. I would try it but i don’t expect any greater success connecting to Ubisoft’s servers than i had with the beta.

  3. I had enough of a ‘trial’ during the beta, thank you. I won’t be bothering with this new trial.

    • Same here, although I ran out of time to do a full coast to coast drive, which two hours should be enough for…

  4. No thanks, I’ll give it a miss after playing the beta.

  5. Started downloading but at 17GB, I swiftly cancelled.

    • 17GB? That’s a helluva download for something which might not even connect to the servers afterwards.

  6. Tempted to try it to show Ubisoft it’s still worth doing demos and trials, but it will depend on how big the download is and if you need Plus.

  7. People saying “no thanks, didn’t like the beta” you do realise a beta can be quite different to the final product? Unless of course it was so bad there was no hope.

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