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Rockstar Confirm GTA V Graphical “Downgrade” Is A Bug, Investigating Fix

After a video surfaced showing a clear difference in graphical detail between Grand Theft Auto V on PS4/Xbox One after patch 1.08 and the game at launch, we were all a bit confused as to what was going on – was it intentional, a bug, or even just a necessity?

Rockstar have since confirmed that this is a bug and they are investigating the issue, and expect the graphics to be fixed soon:


We are aware of some graphical issues on the Xbox One and PS4 versions of GTAV after the most recent Title Update, and we are investigating a fix now.

So, don’t be surprised if you see another update for GTA V in the near future to get the game looking back as it did at launch, with parallax occlusion mapping, car collisions, and all of the other issues fixed. You can see the original video showing these problems below.

Source: Rockstar



  1. is it just me not noticing any difference in the comparison video, so if it helps smooth out the performance, it’s all good

  2. There is a difference, but If you noticed is without being told, you are probably paying too much attention the graphics and not enough to playing the game…

    • I don’t know, the car crash was pretty spectacular pre-1.08. Post-1.08 it seemed pretty crappy.

      • That’s fair enough but lambchop is on about playing the game, not watching a comparison video where you’ve been told about a graphical difference. Unfair comparison.

        As a good example, four of us playing a heist last night (and scores of heists over the last couple of weeks) and not one of us has mentioned anything. We’re too wrapped up in trying to get away with our lives intact.

        Rockstar could throw some naked pedestrians into the mix and I wouldn’t notice when in a high-speed chase. Sure, later on, that’s a different story but I’d be in “on the prowl” mode anyway. ;-)

      • Oh fair do’s on the gameplay. But I thought the car crash was good example of the mayhem people have when messing around in the open world, and I think I would’ve easily noticed that downgrade. As for the more cosmetic side of things, I doubt I’d notice much when moving about.

      • Yeah, the car crash damage was pretty obvious. Maybe reduced physics? I call bullshit on their claims that this is all a bug though….

      • Never underestimate what sheer numbers can do for bug fixing/finding. However, I’m pretty suspicious about it too but don’t rule anything out. It was running well before it and after it so the reasons aren’t just simple “performance”.

  3. I wonder if the fix will reduce the performance, as I’ve heard the downgrade-patch offered a smoother framerate.

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