Woah Dave! Free For PS Plus Members On PS4, Not Part Of Instant Collection

Choice Provisions, the studio behind 2d platformer Woah Dave!, have revealed on Twitter that the title will be free for PS Plus members in April. However, the game will not form part of the line up of free games in the Instant Collection for the month.


The game is also set to include the Deluxe content which was announced by the developer earlier this year and includes new levels, new characters, boss fights and more.

As the game will not form part of the Instant Collection for April, it does mean that you will have to search for it when the game launches. However, as the gameplay shows, I think this little retro indie gem will be worth looking up considering it’s going to be free.


Source: Twitter



  1. Nah that’s not for me. It might have been 25 years ago, but not now. Thanks for the heads up though.

    • Same here. I’m usually very objective about PS+ games but this? Um… wow. No thanks.

  2. It would help if there were some instructions, played it on Vita but there didn’t seem to be much to do other than throw eggs, which got boring very quickly.

    • Don’t throw as many eggs. That seems to be the mistake you make at first. Avoid stuff, let things descend into some pixelated chaos, and then throw your eggs. Without dying, obviously.

      And enter POO as your initials when you invevitably die with some pathetic score.

  3. i like retro as much as the next person, unless the next person is Tuffcub in which case i probably like it much more. ^_^

    but this is a bit retro even for me.
    the graphics i could live with, even grow to like, but the gameplay looks a bit on the basic side for me.
    i could see a game like that on an Amstrad, ZX Spectrum or C64 and be well regarded there

    still it’s free, and looking at it, it’s gotta be small so it should only take seconds to download, so i’ll try it, but how long it will hold my interest remains to be seen.

    i don’t want seem like i’m being too harsh on the game, i hope people like and i wish the devs all the best with the game, it just doesn’t look like something i’d enjoy.

    and on the subject of April’s plus games, aren’t they going to make us wait until next week for them because the first us store update day is next week?
    their’s being the 31st March and ours being the 1st of April.
    and they can’t let us have stuff before the us now can they.
    or at the same time in the case of Powers.
    or even at all in the case of Dead Rising Watchtower.

  4. My best score is $5.64, and honestly I don’t think I’ll top that. A fun, addictive little thing, perfect for five minute rides on the bus.

    • That’s a fairly impressive score. The trophy for $5 is listed as “Ultra Rare” with 0.1% having it. Even the $1 trophy has only been achieved by 12.4% of players. I can’t get much past that.

      Although I did get the Ultra Rare “Poo!” trophy ;)

      It’s a ridiculously simple looking game you can just hop into for a quick 30 seconds. Possibly longer if I was any good at it. Deceptively simple, because just throwing eggs at things and collecting a coin isn’t going to get you anywhere very quickly. And letting things get chaotic will get you more coins, but you’ll die. Very quickly.

  5. Have they announced April’s PS+ content yet? Still waiting for a month that’s worth subbing for.

    • Not yet. Apparently the content won’t get released until next Wednesday, so an announcement should be popping up sometime this week. The only game we know about is of course Dishonoured on PS3.

      • Oh yeqh i forgot about Dishonoured, hopefully there’s a similar Ps4 game in terms of quality.

      • Well the line up has been announced. Nothing hugely spectacular (on the level of Dishonoured) for PS4 unfortunately.

  6. I’m definitely going to give it a try, only because it’s free though. I can’t see this as being a game that I would pay for.

  7. I can see why it’s been given away for free.

  8. Cool, i’ll be sure to check it out.

  9. What platforms did you say this for again? Amstrad CPC? Atari VCS? Just as well it’s not part of the IGC, or there’d be some serious complaints.

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