Konami Remove Kojima’s Name From Silent Hills And Zone Of Enders Websites

We don’t quite know what’s going on at Konami, other than the fact that production on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will continue as normal, but they’re removing Hideo Kojima’s name from his works left, right, and centre.

Earlier today, the news broke that the Kojima Productions logo had been removed from the Silent Hills website. Since Konami seemed to be moving away from having individual studios in their ranks, this made sense: Kojima could still be working on the game, even if Kojima Productions was not a factor.


But now, Konami have removed his name from the description of Zone of Enders HD Collection on their website. It used “the games feature the engrossing storytelling of Hideo Kojima paired with thrilling robot fights in a futuristic interplanetary setting” but now it reads as such, with a grammatical error as they’ve hastily removed the name.


It’s an interesting one, as they seem to now be retroactively removing references to Kojima rather than just taking the details off future projects. It’s unlikely that we’ll get the full story until MGS V is completed and released, and then it’ll be a matter of waiting to see where Kojima goes next.

Source: VG247 / VideoGamer



  1. Very strange indeed, at first I assumed they had creative differences with regards to MGS5 (perhaps Kojima wanted a definite end to the series but Konami heads thought differently), that would explain Kojima being discredited from MGS5 but now this looks like a complete fallout.

    The truth will be very interesting.

  2. Fuck Konami. The way they’re acting is extremely immature and pathetic. Kojima was the last best person they had and to treat him like this isn’t cool.

    • To be fair, the situation isn’t known – Sure, it looks that way from the evidence available at present, but for all we know, Kojima may have asked for any references to him to be removed.

      I’m sure all will become clear in the fullness of time.

      • You’re right, we don’t know the facts but to me it looks like a nasty break up and Konami are acting childish. I can’t imagine why Kojima would want his name removed from his life’s work but we should wait for the evidence I suppose.

      • Yeah, admittedly it does smack of the equivalent of a school relationship break up & Konami crossing out “Konami & Kojima 4 eva” & writing “Kojima is a durrrty slag” on a toilet wall, but there may be a bit more to it than just that

  3. How do we know this isn’t all some incredibly meticulous publicity stunt for MGS5?


    (seriously though, it’s getting ridiculous. They’re removing a stamp of quality)

  4. Seems its going like when a big movie has a sequel without the original big name and hopes nobody notices.

  5. Either Kojima has requested for his studio to be removed from all products or Konami is trying to rebrand themselves as one giant developer with different branches instead of a publisher with several different studios working for them.

    I do hope it’s the latter and not Konami being very petty by removing Kojima
    Productions from previous projects.

  6. its really strange and interesting because without the creative vision of Kojima, where does it leave Konami? I’m sure Metal Gear would be continued but it would be so wrong to like cash in on its success?

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