200cc Class And Second DLC Screech Onto Mario Kart 8 On April 23rd

Gotta go fast!

Zooming out of nowhere comes a big new challenge for the biggest fans of Mario Kart 8 on Wii U. A new 200cc class is set to be added in a big new patch on April 23rd, which is set to make the game faster than ever before. Satoru Iwata even suggested that you might need to brake to get around some of the corners, during today’s Nintendo Direct, as you race this new speed class both on and offline, as well with existing tracks and the new tracks coming as part of the second DLC pack.

That pack will also be arriving on April 23rd, earlier than planned, for £7/€8 or as part of the £11 DLC bundle. It brings with it three new characters, four vehicles and eight courses in two cups. Of course, this is the DLC pack with the Animal Crossing theme front and centre, so there’s Isabelle, boy and girl Villagers and… well, Dry Bowser, and they’ll be tootling about on the City Tripper and Streetle karts, as well as two more.

There’s more information to come on what tracks will be included in the eight, but the standout course looks to be the Animal Crossing one which, just as we saw with the Zelda themed track in the first DLC, borrows heavily from that game series for its style. So item boxes will hang in midair from balloons, the characters from the village will be sat around the course and there’s even an uptempo live recorded rendition of the Animal Crossing music. The track environs will also switch seasons each time you play, so it could be spring, summer, autumn or winter, all picked at random.

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