Quantum Break Delayed Until 2016

News about Quantum Break, Microsoft’s Xbox One exclusive IP from Remedy Games, has been quite thin on the ground recently, and we were beginning to wonder whether we’d see the game this year.

Well, we won’t be, as it’s been delayed to 2016, though it looks as though it might not just be down to development issues, and scheduling may play a factor, according to head of publishing at Microsoft Studios, Shannon Loftis:

“With so many Xbox One games launching this year, moving Quantum Break to 2016 extends our incredible portfolio into next year with a monster new IP”

There’s been no word on the TV series that was supposed to launch alongside Quantum Break, but the delay announcement says that Quantum Break “fuses an intense action game with top-of-the-line live action elements into one revolutionary entertainment adventure”.

Source: Remedy



  1. I thought this was already announced a month or two ago? Anyway it’ll give them plenty of time to make it as good as they possibly can.

  2. Xbox has plenty of games this winter already, so more time to play them.

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