Sunset Overdrive Receives New DLC And Price Drop

Insomniac have revealed an explosive trailer for the new DLC pack, Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines.

As well as the new story content, the DLC will also feature a whole host of new additions including new weapons, traps, Amps, enemies, clothing, gameplay mechanics as well a large new area for you to grind around. The add-on will also make some improvements to the gameplay as well as fix a rather large list of bugs. The DLC will be available to purchase separately or will come as part of the Season Pass.

If you are yet to visit the Awesomeocalypse, then now is a good time, as Insomniac have also announced a price drop in the US both at retail and digitally to $39.99. Residents of the UK still have to pay £39.99 on the Xbox Store at present but can pick up the game at retail from £24.99.

Source: Insomniac


  1. Still waiting for that Definitive Edition for PS4 :>

    • It’ll be out around the same time Bloodborne releases on xbox.

      • You are properly right, but one can hope.

  2. Brilliant game and the reason I bought an XB1. This and Tomb Raider (I hate to admit).

    I’m a huge fan of the Ratchet & Clank games and Insomniac have incorporated many of the same gameplay elements into Sunset OD but with a more mature twist. It’s a bit crazy at first but the game is so out there and OTT, it’s hard not to like it. It works really well. I’ll definitely be buying this DLC.

    It’s a shame that this game wasn’t released on both the XB1 and PS4. I never really felt that it was truly appreciated on XB1, even with all the marketing leading up to release. I think it would have sold a lot better on PS4 so hopefully it will cross over eventually (or if Insomniac make a multi-platform sequel). It deserves more recognition.

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