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Rumour: Amazon And Crytek Sign Huge Licensing Deal

But what's it for?

If you remember back to summer of last year, Crytek was in pretty bad shape. Reports were flying all over the place that they were in financial trouble, that some of their employees weren’t being paid, and that they were scrambling to find an investor to keep the company afloat. Well things appear to be looking up for the guys and gals behind the Crysis series and the CryEngine, as we’re hearing reports out of Kotaku that they’ve signed a rather large licensing deal with Amazon.

How big? Kotaku says it could be somewhere in the neighborhood of $50-70 million, but that number (along with everything else we’re hearing) shouldn’t be taken too seriously until one of the two companies confirm it themselves. It all makes sense for Crytek, as there was obviously something pretty terrible happening with them last year, and they even teased signing a rather large deal awhile back, but who was on the other end of the deal remained a mystery.

As for Amazon, it’s tough to know exactly what they’ll be doing with this license, or what it’s even for. They’ve been threatening to enter the console market for years now, but the only thing we’ve gotten from them is the Amazon Fire TV, a system that wasn’t really marketed to gamers in the beginning, and doesn’t seem to be attracting very many of them now. Do they have something bigger in mind for the future? Assuming this report is true, they’d pretty much have to. We’ll just have to wait and see what it is.

Source: Kotaku, Develop

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