Mario Kart 8 Receives New DLC Details And Trailers

Got the need for speed?

Nintendo have revealed fresh details regarding the upcoming DLC for Mario Kart 8, including a full list of the tracks which will be available when the pack arrives on April 23rd.

Players will be able to access a total of 8 new tracks which will be a mixture of retro and new circuits. As well as the previously announced Animal Crossing track, other circuits confirmed to appear are:

Retro Tracks:

  • Baby Park (Gamecube)
  • Cheese Land (GBA)
  • Neo Bowser City (3DS)
  • Ribbon Road (GBA)

New Tracks:

  • Animal Crossing
  • Big Blue
  • Nature Road
  • Ring Ring Metro

The pack will also feature the previously announced new characters from Animal Crossing, Isabelle and either a boy or girl Villager, as well as Dry Bowser. Also included will be four new vehicles to choose from, the Bone Rattler, City Tripper, P-Wing and Streetle.

The pack will cost £7 on its own or £11 as part of the DLC bundle. A free update will be available the same day as the DLC pack releases which will include the all-new 200cc mode as well as further support for Amiibo which is set to unlock more Mii costumes.

Source: Siliconera


  1. 200cc Baby Park…

  2. Will pick this up when I inevitably get a Wii U, but that is likely to be when Zelda HD comes out. Good to see all the after sales support though.

  3. The attention to detail is astounding. I can’t wait to play them all.

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