Alienation Receives New Details, Screens And Co-Op Footage

Housemarque, the developer behind the fantastic Resogun, have revealed fresh details about their upcoming follow up to the twin stick shooter.



“One of the main draws to Alienation from a developer’s perspective is the challenge of creating an excellent multiplayer dynamic.” explained Housemarque. “Since the game features three main character classes, plenty of loot, and a ton of weapon customizations, the number of different team setups is astronomical.”


The developer is very keen to point out that this is going to be a multiplayer experience, with a lot of emphasis being placed on character customisation to give you and your team an advantage over “the beasts from beyond” and that a “run-and-gun strategy will get you a few victories, but will not win the war”.


One thing that I have taken away from the screenshots, as well as the description from Housemarque, is that the game looks and sounds like it could play a lot like the recently released Helldivers. The developer has confirmed that there will be more news on the game coming sooner rather than later, and have also released footage of a co-op game.

Source: PS Blog US



  1. Looks like this might be a good laugh & I’ll probably end up buying it, but since I’ve been playing & used to Helldivers, this seems ridiculously quick like it needs slowing down.
    I’m probably being a bit nit-picky here too but I’m not to keen on what I can make out of the character animations either, although it is early days so I guess it’ll improve. Maybe it because they’re missing capes ;)

    On the other hand, the explosions look pretty good!

    • I agree on the speed, that’s the only thing that puts me off!

      • Almost looks like it’s in fast forward.

        On another note – Apart from it’s a top down twin stick shooter type thing, at the speed it is I can’t see it being anything like HellDivers to be honest. Looks like everyone just charges in rather than strategically placing defences etc and having to type codes in to activate things. Although it’s probably a bit early to judge at this point in time.

  2. So, its Dead Nation with Aliens instead of Zombies (& more adequate lighting)?

    Second screenshot especially.

    Maybe I’m just in a bad mood, but this doesn’t feel particularly innovative from them, given the above.

    It’s ok – I’m probably in a bad mood.

  3. It’s Housemarque so I’ll buy it, despite not being wowed by what I’ve seen so far.

    • Same. The original trailer last year wowed me, but this gameplay just isn’t doing it for me.

  4. Housemarque have a good shooter pedigree now with Dead Nation and Resogun under their belt and this looks like a brighter, faster version of Dead Nation with some of Resogun’s neon glow.
    But without a single player campaign it just won’t be for me.

  5. I’m excited for this, I’m sure it will be brilliant.

  6. That’s me seriously interested. Co-op play has me sliding off my chair!

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