Zombies And Horses May Be Coming To GTA V

Everybody knows that zombies make every game infinitely better, don’t they? This must be what the good folks over at Rockstar are thinking, as modders have managed to access some files in the PC version of the game which point to the possible inclusion of the undead.



This has been possible due to the modding tool OpenIV, which was created to be used with GTA IV, being updated to read GTA V files, and there are tons of files to wade through for textures, AI, models and more. However, a kind user of the GTA Forums kindly posted a couple screens which have piqued the interest of many gaming fans, including the zombie files as seen above. There are some files which indicate that horses may also make an appearance in the future, although it is not clear whether the horses will be for show or whether they will be a new ‘vehicle’.

Zombie horses are another possibility.


As well as this discovery, there are files which indicate there may be some new mini-games coming with such exciting titles as ‘benchpress’, ‘blowtorch’ and ‘squats’. With two of them sounding very much fitness orientated, might we see a summer fitness pack in the near future?

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  1. bringing some of Red Dead Redemption to GTA?

    fantastic, i loved that game.

  2. Horses were in the game at one point but dropped before release, there is a cut heist where you would steal a racing horse or something

    Also there’s already a zombie in the game

    It looks like much ado about nothing

  3. Unless they hurry up and release some single player OG Grove Street gangbanging hood shit DLC, they can do one.

    • Does anyone (bar yourself of course) actually want that though? Don’t really feel that would fit in GTA V so well tbh.

      Couldn’t you just play San Andreas for your fill of that sort of thing?

      • i want it as well so stop assuming. also how are we suppose to play SA if we have sold our old consoles ? logic. use it.

      • Ok – Well, you see those squiggly things at the end of my sentences? Those are question marks. They denote someone asking a question.

        This means that nothing was assumed & instead, queried.

        I could therefore add the sentiment of ‘Brain. Use it’, but that would be assuming that you have one. Which you clearly wouldn’t like as it would be an assumption.

        Although, as you seem to have entirely forgotten to use capitals at the beginning of your sentences, I’ll assume that you are not familiar with punctuation. It’s ok, we can’t all have gone to school.

        Also, there are plenty of places to play old, outdated games. May I suggest an emulator? There are quite a few out there.

      • Don’t worry about him Forrest. I think he may be a Vulcan.

      • Nah, can’t be a Vulcan – A Vulcan would likely know how to use the reply structure & not look like they were having an argument with themselves.

        I also suspect that Vulcans wouldn’t contradict themselves in the same paragraph & look like a bit of a hypocrite.

  4. When the LA setting was revealed for GTA5, I thought South Central/Compton gangsta shit was a given. Was really looking forward to territory gang wars and stuff. Such a missed opportunity, imo.

    • Again (& not trying to get at you specifically here, so apologies if it comes across that way), wasn’t that done in San Andreas though? Having that appear in another game this far on would feel like a definite backstep for me.

      Dunno, maybe it’s just because I thought San Andreas was dull. It’s the only game in the series that I haven’t finished.

      • Same here, fella. Went on way, WAY too long for me. Didn’t finish it and I’ve finished every other GTA.

      • if you think SA was dull i don’t even know why you even play GTA games. SA will not be topped. GTAV and IV those are dull games.

      • how about you not be so rude you arrogant self rightous idiot. you assume too much. just stfu.

      • So this spacedelete guy is hankering after the banhammer then.

      • “if you think SA was dull i don’t even know why you even play GTA games. SA will not be topped. GTAV and IV those are dull games.”

        It’s simple. Some people think San Andreas was a weaker GTA title. That’s all. If you think it’s the best, that’s fine. It’s called “opinion”. I respect yours and it would be nice if you could respect mine. I play GTA games because I usually find them fantastically enjoyable. I just didn’t happen to enjoy San Andreas that much and became bored of it once I’d entered the third area.

        Is that okay with you or would you like to tell me what I’m supposed to think and do? :-\

    • I agree with you considering there are still ballers in the game, it was only right to bring grove street back, after all, it is set in the same world, same location.

      San Andreas is the only GTA that appealed to me for many reasons, the rest of them including this one 5 bored me

  5. I’m so over zombies. The last few years have been saturated by zombie modes, zombie films and zombie TV shows.
    Horse would be nice even if it’s just a racing mini-game at the racecourse (which seems oddly large and detailed to have no online or offline content based there).

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