Bloober Team Unveils Launch Trailer For Brawl Ahead Of April 24th’s Release

You may remember the ill fated game called Basement Crawl which launched early last year on PS4, and becoming a very poorly received game by critics and players alike. This was down to a large collection of gameplay problems and bugs, which led to Bloober Team announcing that it would take the lessons and come back with an improved game.

That time is now upon us as the now renamed Brawl will be releasing tomorrow on PSN, with those who purchased the original game getting a free copy of this. Brawl will feature 8 characters, both local and online multiplayer, 8 locations, and 20 map variations. The original Basement Crawl is still on the PS Store priced at £15.99, but whether Bloober will de-list that and replace it with Brawl remains to be seen.

Source: Press Release