Gears Of War Remaster Rumoured To Be In Development At Splash Damage

Remasters are this generation’s cash cow and it appears that won’t be stopping any time soon, as it is now rumoured that Splash Damage has been tasked with remastering the original Gears Of War for the Xbox One. Apparently Polygon has seen some multiplayer screens of the game, which is said to be running at 60fps. Gears Of War would be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2016, so a release could be one way to mark that. Then again a boxset similar to the Master Chief Collection could be even more of a hit.

With Halo 5: Guardians out of the way Microsoft would need a big exclusive IP for 2016 to get people excited, and if it is a known IP with a really good multiplayer attached to it then that is even better. Of course this is all rumour at the moment, and we know Black Tusk is handling the Gears IP after Microsoft bought the license from Epic last year. If this is the path Microsoft is taking we could see Gears Remaster in 2016, with a new Gears game releasing in 2017.

Source: Polygon



  1. I hope it’s a collection and not just the one. But if it is just the first game, then it ought to be a proper anniversary version like what we’ve seen with Halo.

    Splash Damage doesn’t inspire much confidence though, they’re not known for porting and their last game was Brink. You don’t remember Brink? Well, there’s the problem.

    I’d love a collection in the hands of Bluepoint, Straight Right or Black Tusk themselves.

    Fingers crossed it’ll turn out good though.

    • I remember Brink – It was a good game that released at a bad time.

      The PSN hack saw that a game that relied a fair bit on online connections was almost unplayable. It was of course still playable (unlike a couple of things this gen that simply cannot be played if an online connection cannot be established) but the trouble was that it had a lot less soul when playing with the AI.

      Overall though, Brink was good. When played with others, it was really good.

      Splash Damage also did the multiplayer side of things for Batman Arkham Origins, but as issues with that seemingly never got fixed (which may not even be down to Splash Damage) I can’t really gave a glowing recommendation on that part. The gameplay was actually good, but was just a shame that it was so fickle on matchmaking & actually keeping people in games.

      • Brink wasn’t a good game. if Brink is a good game i guess Haze and Duke Nukem Forever are good games as well

      • I wouldn’t know unfortunately – Didn’t play Haze & didn’t play enough of DNF to enable me to comment on those two.

        I did however play Brink & it was great fun in the meets. As mentioned, it was really a game you needed to play with others & the PSN hack really didn’t help with that situation.

        Regardless of what anyone thought of it, it did have a rather innovative system for manoeuvring around the landscape, which at the time was still a fresh idea (many games are now using more parkour based movement).

  2. Another month, another remaster and it’s for the X1. Wait, what?! I though it was only Sony that did remasters of their exclusives along with multiplat remasters. Erm.. MS, you kinda need to get more exclusives on your system instead of a remaster.

    What’s next? A remake of a remake of a remake?

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